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Auto Play with Random Starting Song batch file

Ok I found this out some...lots of years ago (at least 10) with a non MMX version of Winamp...I added a 12v graphic equaliser to my pc in the 5.25''' bay hey instant music. I still have it running today a pentium pro 233 (well a 200 overclocked).


Sorry for not sharing this all those years ago.....

Create a batch file to run Winamp and have shuffle turned on.

My batch file in startup folder, or you can have lots of them.

"c:\Program Files\Winamp\Winamp.exe" /rem "C:\Documents and Settings\smokingwheels\Desktop\winamp.m3u"

note: the 3 full stops on the cd command...
note1: you can save your play list anywhere you like and have as many as you like just change the second half of the last line to point to it.
eg /rem "%userprofile%\My Documents\My Music\winamp.m3u"

When clicked or executed it starts Winamp, loads the play list and randomly starts a song on your play list. Much better than the profiler plugin which plays the first song in the list every time with autoplay enabled. rather annoying...

It works with Winamp version 2.64 x86 JUN 2000... hey on win98 se
also an earlier version of Winamp for non mmx processors...Pentium pro 233
And Winamp Pro version 5.621 x86 july 2011...Prob free version as well untested.
It will probably work on all other versions as well.
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