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DJ Egg
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Winamp 5 requires read/write access to more than just winamp.ini

studio.xnf stores all modern skin settings.
gen_ml.ini and plugins\ml dir store the media library settings/database.

More here

Ideally, Winamp needs read/write access to the entire Program Files\Winamp dir.
If you installed support for CD Burning & Ripping, then it also requires access to the Sonic Engine files in the %System% dir.
If you installed video support then it also requires access to video/audio codecs & direct show filters in the %system% dir.

Basically, multi-user support is one of the items in the official wishlist.

I guess for now, you could install Winamp 5 to the
"C:\Documents and Settings\All Users" dir, instead of Program Files.
Either that, or make sure Program Files\Winamp has read/write permissions.
Or just install it multiple times to each users' Documents folder
(eg. "C:\Documents and Settings\(Username)\Winamp").
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