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Originally posted by DJ Egg

Ideally, Winamp needs read/write access to the entire Program Files\Winamp dir.
If you installed support for CD Burning & Ripping, then it also requires access to the Sonic Engine files in the %System% dir.
If you installed video support then it also requires access to video/audio codecs & direct show filters in the %system% dir.
Hi DJ Egg,
sorry for bringing this old thread up, but just to make sure I understood this correctly ...

I know how to set file rights for the winamp-folder as to make sure also restricted users can run winamp!

If I only want restricted users to be able to use winamp to play audio-files, will I have to adjust the rights you mentioned above? It would be fine for me, if the restricted accounts couldn't use the ripping-features.

If not, which files exactly would I have to grant which file-rights, in order for winamp to work properly with restricted user-accounts?

Looking forward to your answer,
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