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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
well, whenever 64bit is suggested, all the nattering naysaying nabobs of negativity kill it, so i'm not sure that will happen unless windows drops 32 bit, which i hope they do. still, releasing ram should be np in 32bit.
Microsoft have only just dropped support for 16-bit applications. So the 32-bit ones are going no where for at least a decade. Really is no need to rebuild a perfectly working 32-bit application into 64-bit. (Topic of another thread).

The odd counter that is now overflowing can selectively be changed to 64-bit. Even the ancient 16-bit applications can handle datatypes with 64-bit, 256-bit numbers and bigger numbers.

Trouble is, as you fiddle with something "small" like a counter, this can sometimes have nasty knock on effects.

This is not "naysaying nabob" talk, this is plain programmer common sense. The only thing a native 64-bit application would gain is letting this memory issue run away into bigger and bigger amounts of RAM.
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