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i'm not qualified to argue over the finer points of programming, so i'll let that lie. however, what i can do is point to apple, who imo, seems to be rapidly overtaking windows in every way:

note that OS X is not only itself 64bit and requires a 64 bit processor, but in ML will now require a EFI64 bit bios. in other words, apple is dropping 32 bit completely.

i have also read that adobe CS6 will not run on 32 bit macs.

if windows is going to wallow in old technology for the next decade or more, i think that says everything you need to know about them. i am glad winamp has finally moved on to other platforms like mac and android, b/c windows seems doomed.

my hope would be that if the dev team can do a brand new, from scratch implementation of winamp for mac or for android, they can do the same thing with a 64bit windows version, and completely cut ties with the current incarnation. there are pros and cons to this, but the legacy drawbacks of the current implementation are real and there, and at some point it will have to be done anyway, regardless of if its now or ten years from now.

the current devs know more than anyone all the current limitations and bad design choices of the current implementation, so what i would urge them to do is post this list publicly and solicit feedback about any they missed, and collect this info for at least a year or more, the point of which would be to devise a new incarnation of winamp that is as future proofed as possible and totally bulletproof to strange vagaries and other weirdness.

this is not unprecedented. not only have new winamps now been made for mac and droid, but when winamp 3 was determined to be crap, they scrapped it and built 5 on 2's design.

i would favor a very long 64bit beta process, where the basic core features were slowly added over time and betas were made available to folks like us to put thru the paces. i would even be willing to pay a nominal monthly fee to be part of the beta process, as long as my feedback was truly given consideration.

in addition to killing off all legacy disadvantages, and creating new bulletproof paradigms, (to the extent one's experience and knowledge from what they've learned under 5 is possible), i would like to see publicly stated goals of a new winamp, such as plugin verification and version checking, error reporting, truly modular skins, etc. maybe we should start a thread where the idea is to state what the goals of a next gen winamp should be?

what apple has done, imo, is shown that if the current product is good enough, you do not need to worry about legacy support. you can just push ahead and people will follow.

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