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64-bit is not the all singing all dancing thing which everyone seems to think it is. it can be if things are actually done which use the additional aspects it can allow but Winamp just doesn't really make much use of it.

sure start everything over again and do it right but then watch at the split of people who refuse to use it because their precious plug-ins don't work anymore. it then just becomes 2.x vs 5.x or 2.x vs 3 all over again and that just doesn't help things. Winamp3 did a lot of things better and actually in the manner MrSinatra mentions but it was too much for the hardware at the time and that's what helped to kill it. 5.x contains a fair bit of things from Winamp3 via the modern skins and also internal services and yes the legacy aspect is a hinderence but it can be worked around as has been done - why else do we have 3 different ways for a plug-in to add itself into the media library tree?

"oh but 3rd party devs can update their plug-ins and it'll all be ok" - what 3rd party devs? Winamp proper thrived in a time when people would make plug-ins, those days are gone and as Android, etc is where it's at now for all of the cool kids, that's where the development focus goes and that means little to no work on Winamp proper itself.

maybe it would be best to go the Android route and just drop plug-in support and just annoy people by waiting on things to be added into the core which isn't guaranteed to happen or doesn't do it "right" (which was why plug-ins were done in the first place).

and if someone wants to suggest a title then i'll change it.

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