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pretty much what you've described is out there, it's called foobar2000.

yes a lot of things in Winamp drive me crazy but without it, it's just not Winamp (if that makes sense).

yes a lot of plug-ins out there are 'kaput' but most of that is stemming from OS and required security updates and isn't from intentional breaking of any apis or interfaces - as most of those plug-ins never bothered to be implemented to make use of newer apis in the first place.

a number of the apis/interfaces were stabilised and improved but with the case of the input plug-ins, too many are made by people who just want to have a Winamp compatible input plug-in so it can then be used in xmplay or some other player which means doing just what 2.x provided and no more (and then i know of one who had the cheek to bitch about no metadata apis and how fb2k allowed him to provide some metadata to it etc when there has been support for it in Winamp for well over 10 years now).

i fully see the benefit of nice properly designed interfaces, proper structure to things, versioning checks (which have actually been in there since before i started doing anything with Winamp but was never leveraged) and any other number of things.

but i also come from the view of having spent more time than i can ever determine on adding and fixing things which for something that was primarily a hobby, i cannot just sit there and just go with _everything_ i've coded to make Winamp suit my needs just become negated as the 64-bit Winamp immediately causes. and if that did happen then i'd either step away from things completely or stick on 5.x and just tinker externally or even move to something else (have done that before, so it could happen again if i found something which better suits my needs).

maybe i'm holding on to much to things as is but from my view point, most 'issues' can be resolved without killing legacy plug-in support and actually a number of things can be done to legacy plug-ins without the source code to keep them compatible, it's just the time to do it e.g. wrapper plug-ins ( and compatibility shims (

what seems to be forgotten here is most of the areas where there are complaints e.g. library handling or skinning engine or output handling issues are just plug-ins on their own so it's not like those aspects cannot be re-implemented via a new plug-in and go that way as has been done before a number of times. the killer is getting the time and resources to do it but that's something which never changes and seems to be consistent with all of the time i've been around.

and as i've said before, Winamp is in an unfortunate state now in that it's expected to do a bit of everything to keep everyone happy and it just cannot do that (video is clearly an area that is much maligned consistently) and maybe it should have died around the 5.04-5.08 stage when everyone left but it didn't and so here we are in a situation where everyone wants different things to be added / worked on / fixed and to others it's an abomination to them to spend time on that when it should be spent on adding / working on / fixing things for them.

i'd love to have the time to work on fixing up things properly or doing things to make handling consistent or do shims (as they are a pain to do but can be quite rewarding in working out what the plug-in is trying to do) but it's not feasible and talk of starting over completely is reckless i think - if anyone's looked at the Android feedback you'll see what would be a probable response to starting from scratch especially on points like "desktop does it why can't i do it on my phone" which would be applicable in the case of going 64-bit and "why don't my plug-ins work anymore omg U sux0r d1e!!!!"

as such yes there are pros and cons but at least from my view point, the cons are far too much but then again everyone is different and maybe i've a skewed reality on the importance of plug-ins when it comes to Winamp and maybe i should just forget about them and embrace the future (whatever that may become).

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