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There is one really simple issue here as well. Cost. Resources. Apple are sitting on billions of dollars so can throw money at any project. They also have followers who are used to constantly replacing perfectly good software or hardware with something new because they are told to upgrade.

In the PC world we have people on at least five different versions of the desktop OS running Winamp (win98, W2K, XP, Vista, Win7) as well as those people running it on Windows Server and its multiple flavours. Changing to 64-bit will not help those people. These are the majority of the users.

64bit conversion would cost a LOT of money and developer time. It makes a lot more sense in spending that time on something like Android instead. A truly new platform. Making a 64-bit version of such an old and complex product is a nightmare. And the Winamp devs clearly don't have access to unlimited resources.

I wouldn't be surprised if there are hundreds of thousands of lines of source code. It is hard to explain to a non-developer quite what goes into producing something like Winamp. And as DrO says, you put your heart and soul into some projects and then knowing that a large chunk of you code could not be ported is never a nice feeling.

I still don't see what the case is for starting again in 64-bit. "Well Apple are doing it" is not a sensible answer as if we followed Apple Winamp would lock into a small number of devices, throw out audio formats that will not make money, and ignore requests for compatibility. (Apple certainly would not allow a forum like this one to exist)

32bit programs run just fine in 64bit windows. It was part of the OS design. There really is no need to convert them. If your software is getting anywhere near to that 4GB limit of RAM in 32bit windows then you are doing something very seriously wrong with your data handling.

Look how many years Winamp has taken to get to the product it is now. Starting again in 64bit will mean many years of a product with dozens of features missing or buggy. And by the time those features had all been complete we probably won't still be sitting at big hulking desktop PCs any more. We are more likely to be running around with those Tablets. Which is where that Android decision will have paid off more. (And look how slow that development is moving...)

Seriously - pick a reason for conversion that would truly pay back to the user. And can be done by a very small Winamp team with limited resources. I just can't see it.

(And have you ever USED iTunes? It is horrendous and missing so much when compared with Winamp )
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