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Well, the new Pocket PC's are all based on the same CPU family, so it should be a lot easier to develop for them now. They also have plenty of power to decode MP3's with, so that's not a problem either. Space? When you can have two expansion cards at once in a couple of the new ones and one in about all the rest, space is no longer an issue. Just slap a 1 GB IBM Microdrive in there and you're good to go, or else spend $91 on a 256MB CompactFlash memory card.

So why is the PocketPC still a mediocre music playing platform at best? The piece-of-sh*t media player is the best software available for playing MP3's, and it just won't do. Heck, this thing chokes on tons of different MP3's, including some VBR files encoded with Lame.

There are no other viable MP3 players that I have found so far.

1 million iPaqs sold so far, and the new generation that are binary compatible are now taking off... has to be enough of a market for Winamp! I mean how hard can it be to port to the PocketPC, I'm sure Microsoft is making it as easy as possible?

I don't want to have to go buy another box to carry around when I already haul around a Pocket PC, and when all I need is decent software to make use of it.

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