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Now why would it be useful to use winamp on pocket pc?????

Hm... Maybe because I have one installed in the car and got it hooked up to a 80 gig external harddrive with 40.000 songs? (I used to manage to private stations in Belgium so I like a broad collection of music). ...

Now I'm not just a freak of nature with this question. If you open up your mind you will see that pda's are the way to go. Of my Pocketpc I've got 40 Mb available and I've got a 1Gb microdrive on board to store a divx movie (yes that's right .. you can watch divx movies on pocket pc)... so why shouldn't there be a decent mp3 player ??????

Why would I need this... Well as I said. I'm using it in the car instead of a rio-player or all the other costly solutions. Why not just use an ipaq (I already take it everywhere) and hook it up to this hd when I get back to the car. All works great but I need to have the display (240x320 or in landscape mode) display more info like a convenient caraudio system. Also I want to use a crossfade function and it would be great to have something like 5 preset buttons for different moods....

Now catch my drift? My pocketpc is overclocked to 233 Mhz so it can easily handle the job (just watched the new nickelback video on my pocketpc :-). I'd be more than willing to pay for a pocketpc version. It should not be that hard to recode. Or if someone else has a decent mp3 player for the pocketpc, let me know. I've heard of hum player or something like that but their site's gone so ....

C ya all (on pocket pc :-)
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