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Re: Memory

Originally posted by chaseskip
If you had any knowledge of a Pocket PC, you would know you can get things that are called "memory cards" for them....
Sorry, I had to say that. I have 128 MB card & have lots of room for MP3's. I say "Why not Winamp for Pocket PC?!?!?!". "Great idea!!!".
128meg will get you, at 128K, about 32 songs. That's only three CDs, assuming that the CDs are small. With 14+ track CDs, you'd only get two CDs plus a couple of extra tracks.

Now, consider that 128 megs of flash memory is not cheap. You'll probably pay at least $70. $70 is more than you'd pay for the CDs to start with, and this is still at a low quality. You simply cannot carry a great deal of MP3s around with you on flash memory. It's not cost efficient.

When you open your mouth and insult people, and you obviously haven't really thought it through, then you look like an ass. Spare us next time.

The hard drive could be worthwhile. For things like that, it makes a lot more sense. Perhaps Nullsoft will work on it for you guys. I don't know. (I really don't care, either. )

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