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today i continued to work on my script and i got a strange error, when i try to work with functions in external nsh files:

!include: closed: "C:\Programme\NSIS\Include\CustFunctions.nsh"

Processed 1 file, writing output:
Error: invalid script: never had OutFile command
Error - aborting creation process

...i copied a function from my mainscript and saved it in a nsh-file (included Function/FunctionEnd. - nothing else above or below). when i comment the line
!include "CustFunctions.nsh" and the function i copied is still in my mainscript everything works fine. But when i comment the function and activate the !include-line, i got that outfile-error.
my include line follows the !include "mui.nsh" - line.
What am i doing wrong? Anybody got an idea?
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