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Existing station, how to use the SCSS?

Hi guys,

Ok I am sorry in advance if this seems like a stupid question. I have spent the last 2 days reading docs and FAQs here and my question is still not answered, and the signup process does not make it any more clear.

This is likely because I am not a broadcaster and have never done anything with internet radio! My team builds mobile and web applications. However, my client is a small broadcaster, and want to have a mobile app to broadcast their station (it is an AM station in California).

Their infrastructure is, shall we say, out of date. The version of Shoutcast they are using is 13 years old and is running on an ancient Windows XP machine. The result: they are limited to 32 listeners. Not exactly scalable for web and mobile applications. So I am trying to help them modernize.

I see that Shoutcast has the SCSS and the free-free version is quite straightforward, point your audio stream at their server and bam, you have a station.

The "existing stream" version is less straightforward - this is where I have a question. My broadcaster is set up like this:

Booth/Board -> Barix box -> Shoutcast DNAS 1.98 (!!!) on WinXP machine -> Internet.

It is this stream I currently read from, directly from that machine's IP and port in their building, that is limited to 32 connections.

I would like them to be able to broadcast that exact stream (from Shoutcast DNAS) up to Shoutcast, and take advantage of Shoutcast's bandwidth & scaling so that we get rid of that 32 user limit.

Is this possible? If so - this requires we opt in to monetization right?

Otherwise - what other options are there to scale Shoutcast on our own server infrastructure so that we don't have that user limit? I can't tell if the more recent versions of Shoutcast are more scalable.
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