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Sorry Dennis

btw... even Microsoft themselves no longer support Win95, and you can't install Internet Explorer 6+, DirectX 9, or Windows Media Player 7+ on Win95 systems.

You can try Winamp 5.01 Lite on your kids' puter if you like > Direct Link
Understand though that Lite has no modern skin support at all, no video support, no internet radio or TV, no CD burning or ripping support, and no Media Library.

But Winamp 2.xx should run just fine on your kids' older system. Even though we no longer support Winamp 2.xx here (we tell everyone to upgrade to 5.x), and even though no longer offers anything but 5.x, all older versions of Winamp are available at:

Winamp 2.91 was the last officially supported public release before 5.x was released.
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