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Something like that happend where I work a good few years back now, some guy fell into one of the massive vessels they use to make our company products, problem was no one knew this had happend or that he'd gone missing.

Eventually when it was worked out he was missing and they figured out where he might be, they had made several batches of product and cleaned the tanks a couple of times, they flush the tanks and pipework with sulphuric acid among many other cleaning chemicals.

By the time they found him wedged in one of the pipes they had to identify what was left of him by his teeth.

Several million gallons of product was also flushed down the drain as a result, the fish in the local rivers were quite happy about that

The verdict was he'd looked into the tank and got overcome by fumes, fallen in and eventually died from either the fall or drown in the liquid that was poured in and then boiled up, however a lot of talk at the time was that it was a suicide as there were too many safety precautions on the tanks to prevent someone from having exactly that kind of accident and that someone would have had to physically turned some of them off before you could gain access to the actual tank.
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