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the xbox360 lost its sensitivity... no more pressure sensitive buttons on the new controllers .

as discussed by this tech/mod page.

"Button Performance has changed as we can see here in the windows software A is now button 1 which is on/off, the old controllers had ABXY buttons that were graduated, light press registered as a light press and hard as hard. Important for hoping to a ledge as apposed to leaping a gap. This is a fundamental change that will affect game play. Think gas pedal, graduated the harder pressed the faster you go the new buttons are no, or full throttle."


and also discussed by The head of Team Ninja ,Tomonobu Itagaki.

"Itagaki states that because the buttons on the Xbox 360 controller are not analogue, the gameplay will have to be adjusted accordingly."


an unfortunate step back in design hopefully Sony doesn’t follow suit.

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