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@Michgelsen - Here on Opera when I edit and submit the changes dont show yet... have to refresh it again before it shows. Works on the SC forums so I guess its just a WaForum software problem.

Anyway back to the problem.

Theres two ways:
- You can get the w/h via the .getWidth() or .getHeight() function. Please note that these 2 files will return the w/h of the object. This means that if you set the w/h manually in xml it will return this value instead of the auto w/h of the layer of you didnt specify anything. If the image change and you didnt change the w/h manually this also return the new image w/h. So can work very nice .
I used this back in the days where I was busy with Nullsoft Media Player 10.

- The other method and also the recommended one is that you get the value via a map. Here is an example of code:
PHP Code:
Map myMap = new Map;
int myInt myMap.getWidth();
delete myMap
Just remember to delete the Map when your done! I didnt know this when I started using this method for Winamp-2006 and the memory usage will go up like mad on each read
The Map object also have other nice stuff (see std.mi)

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