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Input Plugin Api Information / Discussion

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I just love Winamp I was writting an input plugin and everything worked out great until I decided that winamp should be responsible for formatting titles in the playlist. I went on and did some researching and found that I could implement the undocumented winampGetExtendedFileInfoW(...). I quickly ran into some problems using this function:

How should I respond to "type" tag?
How should I respond to "length" tag (how should numeric data be formatted, a hex string etc.)?
And so on...

I guess my real question is whether there is an API somewhere, which I haven't been able to find (I did manage to find an outdated version by Michael Facquet in some zip file in this forum I think, which by the way did not help me all that much).

And why-oh-why is this function not a part of the Winamp SDK, this should not take long to document and make a simple test example. But until then, would anyone please be kind enough to at least give me a hint on how numeric data shoud be "encoded" into the buffer?

Thank you
and "Hello World" from Denmark!
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