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Originally Posted by Xencito View Post
I'm just curious as to why it hasn't been documented, is it considered experimental (still)?
you'd have to ask the old development team why it was never properly documented and why it had to be reverse engineered of sorts.

Originally Posted by Xencito View Post
but this is a pretty critical function, for all input plugin developers
my experience with most Winamp input plug-in authors is that they're not too bothered as it means targeting 5.x when they just want to do the minimum which leaves things at a 2.x level (and so excludes the additional api support) and means they're not then doing weird hacks to support more things than XMPlay & other apps able of loading input plug-ins allow.

i agree fully that it's something which should have been documented properly (hence the mass of additions made to some of the sdk files since i've had a chance to work on them) but it's like everything with Winamp, there's just not enough time/resources to do things.

initial documentation of things should be done by the end of the week (i suppose an advantage of me being out of work at the moment).

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