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I look at some of these legacy games and think "How did I ever find this cool?" In those days I was using an Atari 800 (still have it) and later an Atari ST and Amiga. In those days, the 680?? Motorola chips whooped ass on Windows machines. Man, Windows 3.1 sucked. Then the first decent Win OS (Win 95 OSR2) and Pentium class machines changed the whole ball game.

So if I go out in the garage and plug in a Asteroids cart, it's nostalgic ... but really? Castle Wolfenstein? That might hold my attention for 10 seconds. Old video games (even Starcraft 1) cmon' really? How did we ever think that was fun? Legend of Zelda might hold up... maybe... if you were really, really, really bored.

This stuff is interesting for nostalgia, but give me modern toys. I'm jealous of the kids. Toys of all kinds are better and more fun than they ever were. And in adjusted dollars a lot cheaper too,

Machines that couldn't even play an MP3 without choking? Really? No thanks.
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