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It's fun to journey back for a few hours every now and again.
I think it's looking at nostalgia with rose colored glasses. It's 2013 and 30 year old video games might just remind me I'm an antique too if I needed any reminding. My back is reminding me this morning as usual as I pop a Centrum Silver, 2 ibuprofen and wash it down with a cup of herbal tea.

I think sometimes nostalgia sucks. You had to live through it to get there. I would have a hard time painting a lot of that rosy. The sound sucked. The video sucked. The controllers sucked. Go all the way back and I used to find playing lunar lander on a TTY semi-interesting.

Now, just give me Starcraft II. If I was gonna reminisce, I think I'd have to start with the SNES. Maybe Kirby on a Gameboy? Starfox and Zombies ate My Neighbors for SNES? Legend of Zelda on an Atari or C64? Duke Nukem? But really dude... modern video games are hella cool. I don't feel that nostalgic.

I also used to be able to roll a Centipede arcade machine for as many credits as anyone wanted. The same with Battlezone. Same with Galaga and Galaxian. Not feeling the need in 2013. Own a game. Move on.

Now if you could find me a 1978 Gottlieb Sinbad pinball machine.... we might be talking....

There were pinball machines. This one was the shit. There were fancier contemporaries but I always had a fondness for this one. It was one of the first electronic scored machines, but a throwback to the charm of mechanical machines. No sloppy bumpers. The flipper solenoids were so strong it'd damn near break the glass. Pride in workmanship......

Reminding me. Black Hole 1981. Another one of my favorites. Black Hole wasn't as well constructed. Very cool if you could find a machine that wasn't neglected. Most were.

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