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Originally Posted by rockouthippie View Post
I think it's looking at nostalgia with rose colored glasses. It's 2013 and 30 year old video games might just remind me I'm an antique too if I needed any reminding. My back is reminding me this morning as usual as I pop a Centrum Silver, 2 ibuprofen and wash it down with a cup of herbal tea.

I think sometimes nostalgia sucks. You had to live through it to get there. I would have a hard time painting a lot of that rosy. The sound sucked. The video sucked. The controllers sucked. Go all the way back and I used to find playing lunar lander on a TTY semi-interesting.
I completely understand what you're saying (my back is acting up today, too). Bad memories are just that and nothing will change them.

But everything wasn't bad. There was fun, now and then. Revisiting those fun times, is still fun (even if it only lasts for a little while). Comparing then and now while playing an old game, spoils it. It all depends on how you chose to look at things, but I agree it's not healthy to deny reality for too long or too often. Fortunately, my wife won't let me do that, she keeps me well grounded in the here and now.

TBH, the skills needed for some of the new stuff frustrates me at times.

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