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You caught my post before I edited about people I know and love/loved. I didn't want to really go that far down memory lane as I edited. I'm just getting a little tired of trying to figure out who is on my side. I'm on theirs.

But wow. I dunno about Castle Wolfenstein. It's old old and if I remember kind of a thumb breaker. I'm not really feeling the love.

One thing that was neat about these old machines is that you could understand everything about them. A lost thing as computers evolved.

One of my favorites was Exodus Ultima 2 (1983). The PC version had no sound track and had to run on a composite monitor. (No VGA/CGA/EGA) The 1986 Atari/Amiga/Mac version had mouse support and better graphics.

IBM was still making business machines, where the rest of the platforms were making consumer machines. Mac was squeezing them out of that business some with a focus on desktop publishing, Amiga and Atari were focused more on a consumer experience including gaming.

I agree, this was a fun little ride down memory lane but I still don't know if it translates to a very interesting gaming experience in 2013.

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