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Originally Posted by rockouthippie View Post
I agree, this was a fun little ride down memory lane but I still don't know if it translates to a very interesting gaming experience in 2013.
Yes, those old games do not translate. It is not worth it to setup virtual machines or emulators to play them on modern computers. But if a website lets you play them in a browser, it is fun for me to play and reminisce (just about the game) for a half hour or more (now and again).

The Wolfenstein series released 9 or 10 games. Castle Wolfenstein was the 1st. My fav was Return to Castle Wolfenstein, released in 2001 for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. So, of course, the game engine and graphics were far superior to what was available in 1981 (similar to what current games are to it).

"turgenjev1" resurrected this old thread and it just got me remembering and disappointed that the website linked in the 1st post is no more. Then you jumped in with your 'wet blanket', but in the end you did enjoy thinking about times spent with 'ancient' games.

Sorry some bad memories came back too. This time of year can do that.

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