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I remember... 1982 I had become 16, and I saw similar games in the big stores...

Other families had the newest TVs and games, but not my family. My family had enough incomes, we made family journeys, the other part of the money was saved up. This money is gone now, also because of the care costs for both parents. Although we weren't poor, we had to live in a leased apartment, and it seems, I was never able to participate in the life like many other people.

Sure, 1999 Frank had bought his first PC (Windows 95), later his second PC (Windows 98). We were still without internet until 2004 (then the next PC with Windows XP came). I didn't see an MP3, but we had bought a few games from Pearl, also the very interesting "Creatures", it was a scientific game. Later other software was bought to write documents and later for para-experiments and to work on the website Transwelten, a website for parasciences:

In that time my scientific side had dominated, 2009 my artistic side began to dominate again. 2009 I bought an own PC (2007 Frank had bought a new PC). Both PCs have Windows Vista. 2011 I bought my notebook (Windows 7). On my PC I began to create my music-videos with Windows Movie Maker, and I also worked with Terragen. I didn't know yet, that my NVDIA grapic card has much more abtlities, until 22nd July 2010, after I had connected also with PC via LAN cable. Many music-platforms require MP3, and I converted my first WAV-files to upload my own music. I am in contact with many artist-colleages in these platforms.

I came in touch with very beautiful things very late, but I enjoyed them very perfectly in the last 3 years. I still know, I have missed so many other things, and I am not 20 anymore. With my 47 years I am very old, too old, and I should enter into the retirement soon...

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