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Originally Posted by Obsdark View Post
well, i'm using SAM v4.2.2, and the last DNAS i found, and effectibly doesn't connect to the DNAS

I can't find either the option portlegacy on the sc_serv.conf, if it is somewhere i like to know where

I Check for logs in the Shoutcast/Logs but there's nothing, not a single file, if you know where i can find it i'll make a nopaste to post it here.

I also must say than also i can't log in through the web-browser, but at least i can see the shoutcast service running through the port

i'm using it DNAS 2.2.1 Linux 32x like a daemon, in CentOS 6.5

Thanks a lot!
SAM 4.2.2 doesn't have shoutcast 2 conectivity, plus it's a really buggy version of that program.

if you really need a shoutcast v2 encoders switch software to a program such as RadioDJ something that supports SC2 via plugin. That's a free program btw.
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