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single $ - is recognised as being advert compatible but no adverts have yet played for the listener (either it's not been connected when the advert was played or the advert trigger is not being recognised correctly by the listener handler)

multiple $$$ - adverts successfully played for the listener

blocked $ - no compatible adverts available for that listener (no supported campaigns in that area or the listener is from a country not yet supported) but it's recognised

nothing or n/a - listener is not recognised or is know to not be appropriate for adverts at this time

though if you're saying it's showing nothing or changing in the manner described, that you're probably not using one of the newer interim DNAS builds which resolves the known issues with the advert features in the current public release of the DNAS. as I don't know at the moment what build you're using, I might be guessing wrong on what you're reporting.
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