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Originally Posted by Pawel View Post
If there are any components that are listed as third-party, please let me know which ones.
I will fix this.
the wasapi output plugin, and the in_mod input plugin.

Originally Posted by Pawel View Post
Hmm, don't know what you are talking about... Could you write more?
I think it is clearly written that user has installed Winamp or Winamp + WACUP.
(or old Winamp installs, current Winamp install or Winamp 5.8.x)
yes, you're right, but what i guess i mean is a more prominent opening description, that makes it bold and clear that the install is official, or a fork of some kind.

also, when u manage an existing report, when u click open it opens the folder, rather than the report.

Originally Posted by Pawel View Post
Maybe. I don't like the idea that I remove something from user computer.
But, maybe in future.

i understand having a tool that can do no harm, vs one that can do unintended harm, but whether part of this tool, or separately, some kind of maint utility for winamp is needed. maybe bundle the 3 in a single installer, (AAW tool, backup restore tool, maint/fixit tool)

again, great work!


is this now the only info tool? has DrO and Koopa, etc, given up developing their tools? does anyone else make or develop similar tools?

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