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I switched to Shoutcast after spending my beginnings at the old Live365 and was doing 'podcast' radio shows before that. But most of it was with Shoutcast and to be honest once Nullsoft started falling apart that was the last real improvements SC saw since except for SC2 which really featured no huge changes. Truth is I've seen no operational changes in SC - everything since 1.9.2 seems geared towards central control all in their hands and revenue programs but nothing on the streaming side. All the problems I had I chalked up to it just being streaming and that was it.

When they basically ran me off because they would not allow me to stream over 128k and to Icecast...NEVER BEEN HAPPIER. All the time the software sat dormant here people were working on and improving it there. My streams NEVER go down anymore. No weird hiccups and belches. No more having a relay lose connection then refuse to reconnect. It can even upgrade in place while running without dumping listeners.

I leave one single 64k AAC stream on Shoutcast just to keep a toe in the water and see if the streaming end is ever improved upon because at this point the revenue program will never generate much of any money and the YP sends little to nothing in the way of listeners even if we were one of the top 20 stations in the genre. And I can EXCEED 320k on Icecast.. I actually pushed a 1400k stream just to play around...STUNNING sound.

128k ain't happening. I didn't spend thousands on processing equipment to push a 128k stream.

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