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Hi mancoast
Are you the same martin that I see as author of many presets?

Do you have any presence on GitHub?
No. I'm just a hobby programmer who happened to stumble across milkdrop ten years ago.

does projectm need anything fixed for full compatibility with your MilkDrop designs for 5.57beta?
Well, I can't tell. I am exclusively using winamp/milkdrop under win10 and and honestly had no need to try projectm.

I want to better understand the preset design process
Well, I bet that most presets out there were created simply by smashing the A key, followed by S when the result seemed ok. Milkdrop's block architecture using separate functional blocks for waves, shapes, warp and comp shader was obviously designed with the goal to enable easy "mashups", and is probably the major reason why we now have some 50000+ presets. Making new presets just requires no artistical neither programming skills whatsoever. The downside is that many presets are not particularly original or interesting.

Of course there were/ are preset authors who wrote their own genuine code, and some of them certainly put countless hours into it. What can I say ? I personally always tried to make something new, a 3D effect or just something which does not look "like milkdrop". The possibilities are very limited, we have waves and shapes which can only be rotated around only single axis; and we have warp and comp shaders which do not support a geometry, i.e. no z-axis, just a flat mesh. This results in truly painful limitations.
My own work all revolves around the desire to overcome the limitations imposed by this simple concept, and to make something which had not previously been considered possible with milkdrop. I gradually learned how shaders work, but my attempts often ended with frustration because I had not understood the limitations yet, and consequently things did not work out the way I had imagined.
Now, by years of experience, I know quite well what can be done and what not. But other than that, there is absolutely no design process I followed.
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