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Originally posted by swingdjted
It also seems that 12-tone is a theory-before-practice creation, making it more science than art, something that makes the music suffer in my opinion.
I agree. You could say that about a lot of 20th-century art, that artifice came first. Those were different times I suppose, and they had the spirit of invention. Twelve tone isn't unlistenable like aleatory or minimalist, but it's close. To recommend something though, I used to like Berg's Wozzeck because I was into the story. And I used to listen to this album quite a lot.

For guitars & keyboards, it's more true that the frequencies chosen to be notes were chosen because of their friendliness to mass-production techniques. You can't mass-manufacture a keyboard or fretted instrument plays with just/true pythagorean pitch in every key. Considering how much the notes themselves are skewed towards tonality, actually performing twelve tone music doesn't make sense. It looks interesting on paper though.
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