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SHOUTcast DNAS 2.4.2 (Build 167) 30th October 2014

This build is our new update and introduces new features as listed in the “Changes” section below, as well as addresses bugs reported in the previous build. It is recommended where possible to update to this build over any previous 2.x builds due to the stability and other compatibility improvements it provides.

This release is now available for the following platforms:
  • Windows 32-bit (Windows 2000 and up)
  • Windows 64-bit (Windows XP64 and up)
  • Linux
  • Linux 64-bit
  • BSD (8.x)
  • Raspbian (Raspberry Pi)
  • Mac OS X (Intel)


You can download the updated version of the DNAS from the main download page here for all of the supported versions.


Build 167 (30th October 2014):
  • Fixed issues with not finding cacert.pem in the same location as the DNAS program file which was preventing YP connectivity working (2.4.1 build 164 specific)
  • Fixed broken relative config file handling not working correctly with init scripts and 3rd party control panels (2.4.1 build 165 specific)
  • Changed some of the log and admin page output to better show the actual filepath being used for log and configuration files (helpful for determining path loading issues)
  • Changed handling incase the cacert.pem file cannot be found to be more forgiving for the time being (futher changes will follow in later builds)
  • Removed 'Error writing to console' log messages when screenlog=1 (default) and the shell the DNAS was started in is closed whilst the DNAS is still running e.g. due to OS defined timeouts - always use screenlog=0 if running the DNAS and you do not need it sending log output to the console

Getting Started

If you already have a running instance of the 2.x DNAS then there should not be any issues with replacing your current version with this new version.

If this is a new install then make sure to read through the information in 'Readme_DNAS_Server.html' and the related documentation as well as considering using the setup mode which should make it easier to get started over all prior 2.x builds (and 1.x based releases).

Finally, all current copies of the documentation are included with the installer / archive and is the recommended point of reference for this release. The information found online at for the DNAS server only relates to the build 29 release (this will be updated by the end of October-ish).

Reporting Issues

If you do come across an issue with the DNAS, then please do post in this thread with as much information as possible about what you're doing at the time, the system you are using and anything else which will make it easier to understand what is or isn't going on with your install.

Posts relating to authhash management issues will be ignored as this is not the thread for posting such issues.

Known Issues

The following are known issues with the current 2.x DNAS release that are not currently fixed / fully confirmed as needing to be fixed (i.e. intended behaviour):
  1. The configuration builder has not been fully updated for this release i.e. not all new options are available. This will be resolved in a later update and does not affect most configuration aspects if this mode is used.
  2. Under sustained high numbers (1000's) of concurrent client connections, the DNAS server may in rare scenarios crash / segfault. This is primarily due to the networking methods currently used not scaling as well to the 1000s of concurrent client connections as desired compared to the need for more portable code between the platform builds. This requires completion of a networking stack re-write (no eta) and should not generally happen under most expected usage (most stations never break a few 100 concurrent listeners let alone 1000s at the same time).
  3. The change of 'disableicy' from 0 to 1 may cause some clients not to show the current title anymore. Setting disableicy=0 will allow the prior behaviour at the expense of breaking default compatibility with Flash and HTML5 audio players. See for more on what you can do currently and what will be done in the 2.4.0 build.
  4. Some Centova setups experience a crash when the logs are rotated. For some using the Linux 32-bit version helps as the issue has only been seen with the Linux 64-bit release. This is due to incorrectly handling invalid log / w3c files and if you have any 0-byte files in your log folder, this issue is now fixed as of the 2.4.0 DNAS release.
  5. When attempting to update / remove an authhash, some installs will experience a 462 error (which is due to an issue with the integration of libcurl into the DNAS). Contact support with the authhash and the details you require to be changed. Additionally this may cause a failure to be listed or you will see generic 400 error messages.
  6. In some setups, disconnecting a source may cause the DNAS to crash - the probable cause of this has been identified but a fix still needs to be implemented.
  7. The advert and metrics code (when enabled) is new so there may be some minor issues so keep a look out for updated DNAS versions!
  8. In some setups, the YP connectivity may either fail to start or will randomly fail after an unspecified time. This is an implementation issue related to changing over to libcurl in 2.2.2. A fix will hopefully be available for the 2.4.1 update.
  9. The banning actions may not work correctly in some cases (primarily dependent upon details provided by the listener connection details).

Discussion about the previous version of the server including changelogs can be found in the following threads
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