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i am not disagreeing with that point, and i should have been clearer that once it happened again that there was nothing to stop you reverting to an applicable version (i still hold that 2.2.1 is a better option than 2.0 but it's your stream, you can use what you want).

my post clarified that the options suggested was not going to be enough, that was not a call to say don't bother to do it - it was clarification to ensure that logs would give the information needed so it would just be a single run that would be needed and then you could go back to the older version.

however as the issue is seemingly only happening with some public streams, the only way to get to the bottom of the issue is from data from a setup which is experiencing the issue. we do not intentionally try to cause issues with the DNAS builds and is why i am trying to get as much information in one go so we can provide a patched DNAS build asap - we don't want the DNAS to crash as it's not good for anybody involved.

hence my frustration as well since this is taking time away from working on required new features and it means the image of the 2.x DNAS being unstable persists due to what i suspect is likely an innocuous parameter check failure (if the issues with the Windows builds is anything to go by). and truth be told, i don't think this is a Centova-centric issue, it's just seeming that way due to all of the reports that have been publically made being from people using such setups but that is likely not the case based on other reports that have not been made on the forum where the DNAS is managed directly.

so i apologise for not being clear enough in what i was asking for (this is why developers should not provide support) and for the financial implications it has caused you and everyone else.
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