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There are very simple ways around this. Simply set up an account at one of the many free dynamic dns services, and your dynamic ip is, for most purposes, just as good as a static ip.

While this is a true statement, port forwarding is trivially easy to set up. This isn't a roadblock at all.
All this is easy to setup for me and you, but not for an ordinary user which is probably 90% of all Winamp users. Anything that is not "out of the box" is not user friendly.

Originally Posted by subliminalurge View Post
As for 3G being "slow", I would like to point out that I've done a lot of travelling this past year, and probably 75% of the time I tether my laptop to my phone and access the Internet over 3G since it is so much faster than the free "high speed" Internet offered by most hotels. Regarding "expensive", I pay the same amount for my unlimited access every month whether I transfer 5kb, 5mb, or 5gb.

I'm also uncertain why you assume that people would only be interested in syncing when they're at home. With a nearly 200GB music collection, and only about 4GB on my phone available for music, I would LOVE the ability to remove an album from my phone and replace it with another when I'm away from home. (Currently, I handle this by hauling music and movies around on a portable hard drive, but OTA would be much handier.)
The reason why I said it's slow, is because home users usually don't have a fast upload speed. It's very rare to find people who have 1Mbps+ of upload, which means you will only be able to copy at 100KB/s, and that is if you are a lucky one. Also 3G might be cheap for you, but it's not cheap in the majority of countries.

You have to understand, I'm not against 3G support, I just think it's not a high priority, since there is not that many people who could use that feature, so it's better that the developers use their time on different things and features.
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