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Originally Posted by kustodian View Post
All this is easy to setup for me and you, but not for an ordinary user which is probably 90% of all Winamp users. Anything that is not "out of the box" is not user friendly.
And most of that 90% is going to have at least one friend who could walk them through it. If nothing else, instructions could be posted here on the forum.

The reason why I said it's slow, is because home users usually don't have a fast upload speed. It's very rare to find people who have 1Mbps+ of upload, which means you will only be able to copy at 100KB/s, and that is if you are a lucky one.
I guess this depends on the scenario, but loading an album onto my phone at even 25KB/s is still going to be WAY faster than waiting until I get home if I happen to be in a hotel halfway across the country.

Also 3G might be cheap for you, but it's not cheap in the majority of countries.
I'm in the U.S. I've been given to understand that we're the ones with outdated and overpriced mobile tech compared to the rest of the developed world. And yet I've still been able to find a reasonably priced unlimited 3G plan.

You have to understand, I'm not against 3G support, I just think it's not a high priority, since there is not that many people who could use that feature, so it's better that the developers use their time on different things and features.
On this point we agree. Given that synchronization doesn't even work AT ALL (at least in a usable way) at this point, it would be silly for them to spend time making it work over 3G. Along with several other problems with the app which, in its present form, make it seem very amateurish and not worthy of the "Winamp" name.

Once it's of actual beta quality, though (it's more alpha quality at the moment, if that, IMHO), then mobile syncing would be an excellent feature to have.

Here's how I would suggest it be implemented:

From the phone, allow the option to browse the entire library on your PC. Next to each item (album, artist, or individual song) have a checkbox. When the user checks the box, those items get synced to the sd card and become available for playback. Clearing the checkbox removed them from the card and frees up space (either for different music, or for use by other apps). A simple "Allow synchronization over 3G" checkbox on the settings page (off by default) would be sufficient to protect those not fortunate enough to have an unlimited data plan.
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