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1. Have you (kustodian) looked at the Android Market at all???? Are you (kustodian) even remotely familiar with what is currently out there? I can easily throw like 50 apps (not exaggerating) at you that connect computers to phones over 3G networks for anything from file transfers, to simple send commands and information retrieval. To say the Android community is too dumb or 3G networks are too slow is plain wrong. These Phone-2-PC connecting apps are THRIVING!

Point being.....if Android Winamp is going to be any bit this day and age....SUPPORT IP CONNECTIVITY! This isn't something Winamp Developers should be shorting on.
First of I never said 3G is slow, all I said is that the home users' upload speeds are generally below 1Mbps, and that is slow. I'm in contact with many people around the world and I know this as a fact, it's very hard to find user who have more than that. Secondly I didn't say the community is dumb, I said that people usually don't know this stuff, since not everyone is into computers, but I have to agree that if someone doesn't know how to set it, but they know it's possible, they would probably find a way to do it. And please name 5 phone 2 pc 3G file transfer applications, since I know only one...

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2. Compared to the other Feature request undertakings.....this feature request is NOT that hard to implement. This would not require that much work at all. It really isn't.

You guys agree with me here or what?
It isn't hard, at least it shouldn't be hard. But, what I would like to see from Nullsoft is something super easy, probably by introducing a new services for this, so that you won't need to setup anything, but allow Winamp to connect to some service and all would go through it, that would be the real marketing boom.
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