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Originally Posted by Stupifier View Post
I can easily throw like 50 apps (not exaggerating) at you that connect computers to phones over 3G networks for anything from file transfers, to simple send commands and information retrieval.
File Transfer is more constrained than what I said but here you go. All of these are free too if I remember right....forgot to recheck that...but I think so.

Also this is a quote from your 1st post in this thread:
Originally Posted by kustodian View Post
Also 3G is very slow and expensive if you want to use it for synchronizing music with you PC,
If you are going to try to defend that statement by saying that your Home Internet Upload is slow therefore the 3G is slow...that is incorrect. The 3G is not is actually your Home Internet Upload. I know you already know this.....I'm just pointing out that you DID actually say 3G is SLOW.



SwiFTP FTP Server


File Expert

Remote VNC w/Ad


Now, if you include Sending/Receiving commands between Phone and PC over 3G....the list is ENDLESS.....really....just endless. People use phone apps to control a multitude of programs on their PC's. They even have an array of apps that allow users to Control their Phones through their PC's over the Internet. My big point here is that the Community is really embracing the use of 3G for Phone-2-PC contact...and they aren't slowing down because their Home Internet Upload is not worthy. People just demand information and control at their fingertips these days.
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