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Keep in mind that this poem is a metaphor for something....

Two Different Kingdoms

An open king rules this open land
With flowing brooks and growing fields
The water flows everywhere from the deep, vast rivers
Smooth-paved roads connect with others,
Both within and outside the borders -
Borders that still expand
Growth without the war
This open king receives the Right
Warmly in his arms;
The Wrong are carefully scrutinized
And tossed deep down below

A tyrant rules another land
Far beneath the open kingdom
No roads exist, and the healthy green
Are parched and dying sticks,
A tangled mass with a million ends and a million beginnings
Water does not flow through here
There are stagnant, shallow ponds
A thick veil of brown-gray fog
Blankets the barren, deathly land.
It's not surprising that this squalid kingdom never grows.

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