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bad night, because of my stupid head. here i go again.


It's when the passing
skies blur, and these
thoughts with them,
that i can strip away
these tangled, twisted
knoted, jealous veins,
and love you as i ought.

Opening the lid is harder
than i'd imagined, the
sun is brigher, wind is
quicker, and the odors
that waft to my nose
assault and trample my
sense of what I thought
was right and true.

So I close it back up,
retreat to the stagnant
air and flat walls
that I've known for
all these years, and let
that old slow feeling
come back over me.

Race and Race and Race,
and let these salty
traces etch away the
pain and wash away
these feelings floating
slowly in my veins, and
let the light get in and
sear my heart awake.
maybe xara knows what i mean.

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