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Originally Posted by Number_1 View Post
if i stop the service "designs" and restart winamp -> search works
if i load windows with a diagnostic start -> search works ("designs" still active)

but this doesn´t helps me much
"designs" is not a default Win 7 service. It must have been installed by one of your applications. Can you determine which one and is that the full name of the service? Link below to the "Black Viper" website that lists all the default Win 7 services and gives suggestions for which ones are safe to disable depending on how you use your computer.

You can use the 'Windows Administrative Tools - Services' utility to disable and turn some services off when you don't need them and re-enable and turn them back on when you do. If you just stop a service, it can turn back on. You must also disable it to keep it off. Just don't turn off those that need to be running all the time.

There may be an alternate app for the one that uses the "designs" service which does not interfere with WA. That would be a better work-a-round, imo.

Since the WA search seems to work with "designs" under a diagnostic start, there maybe other non-Microsoft services on your system interfering with WA.

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