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Just to warn people...I found this thread via Google when I searched for managing an iPod Touch with Winamp..

ml_ipod 3.05 does NOT WORK on the new firmware
it will mess up your ipod and you will be forced to restore it and lose everything (god damnit!)

That means if it's jailbroken or unlocked you have to do that all over again, unless you saved the custom firmware that pwnage creates..then you can just restore that, but you still need to load all your settings/apps again and of course you lose all your media as well..

Oh well, I hope this will help to prevent someone from ruining their device so they won't have to go through the same thing I did, heh.

On a personal note I am seriously regretting purchasing this device...I've had to jump through so many friggen hoops just to get it to act like a decent media player and have cool apps on it..and at least for now I am forced to use that piece of garbage iTunes
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