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It's not as if they are leaving me a choice. I'm sure for now I can just keep running 2.5. Eventually I suspect they force everyone to 2.6 at the YP level. My hosted server will run anyway it just won't connect to the YP. Now if that affects my relays connecting to each other the right way (since they cluster using the station ID at the YP) then I have to delete it and go with Icecast. I sat down tonight and set up icecast on all six of my servers and configured them to match ports, IP and connection info. I can switch all servers in about 15 minutes.

Just gonna prepare because this looks like it's going to go the same way Live365 did before they all but imploded. These broadcasters aren't making any money and this ad program hasn't made me a single penny yet. Offer some useful features and I might be coaxed out of some money but trying to control MY bandwidth usage... unless I pay you?


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