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Cannot "crossfade" songs

Hello, forum newbie so apologies if I write this confusingly.

I play a online social game called 3dXchat where you can create a virtual dance club and people come there and can hear your music. My music plays just fine as long as I don't try to use a crossfade, to eliminate that few seconds of dead air between songs. It crossfades fine on every single DJ player I've used directly on my comp. BUT, as soon as I feed it through my room on 3dx it DOESN'T crossfade and after a few songs begins to completely mess up the ends and beginnings of songs, and that doesn't work to well when your trying to host a dance club. I have tried mulitple players, Winamp, Mixxx, Virtual DJ and all work great on my comp and none crossfade once put out over the internet. I have asked other people who's rooms music crossfades perfectly and they use the same players listed above. I am using and it has Shoutcast plugin. Currently using Winamp (cause it's the easiest). Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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