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Dang that was an unusually fast review! lol Not complaining though, must've just hit the submit button this morning at exactly the right time.

LiveWire 1.4 now released!

I changed the buffer count in the status bar to a buffer time display so that SHOUTcasters can time the P.T.T. sessions a bit more easily. Also moved the state status message to it's own bar for readability.

ZeroPointer Null Output plugin is now detected and stackable into the LiveWire DSP chain. The purpose of which to affect, as much as possible, seamless song transitions for media decoded by plugins that don't always seem to send the same amount of data/buffers to DSP plugins as they do OUT plugins. This theory has not been verified yet but the results of this seem to indicate as much.

As always, if anybody has issues with LiveWire (or ZeroPointer stacking) please please please either post in this thread, shoot me a PM, throw a shoe at my head, or something and let me know the details.

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