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Originally Posted by Butch73 View Post
That works! Only thing was I have a few jpg files on my desktop and it looks like the
default jpg icon reverted from a small size preview image to the icon of the file associated to open the jpgs. The actual mp3 file with embedded artwork now displays with the winamp icon.
Had to open the MP3 to see if the artwork was still there and sure enough is was.
I had to copy the same MP3 to a random folder just to see what the icon would look like
and the small winamp icon displays.

The only sacrifice is that any any all jpgs or program associated with any jpg/jpeg/gif/ etc will bear the icon of the file associated with them.

Thanks for your help.
Edit: I guess it all boils down to if I want to see preview jpg icons or the
icon of the program associated with them.

BTW: how does one edit there thread after it's posted. Didn't see and
edit icons anywhere......
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