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BUGS (Tested Windows 8.1 64bit):

1. Installer and/or Winamp during first setup/demo run likes to set per-application volume to "0" making Winamp silent. Considering that this setting is fairly obscure and in Windows 10 even more hidden a lot of people after upgrade/first install will have "non working" Winamp and will abandon it.
Reinstallation doesn't help.
WASAPI problems with exactly the same setting compound it further.

Installer should run (or at the very least offer an option set by default to "selected") to do something like this:

REG.EXE DELETE "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\LowRegistry\Audio\PolicyConfig\PropertyStore" /F
This resets all Windows volume levels to default (also fixing a lot of other possible problems - this key tends to corrupt easily and block all volume changes. It's a really stupid setting and its location in registry shows typical Microsoft's forethought). The key restores itself (Audiosrv service does that) so nothing more is needed.

2. Modern skin ("Winamp Modern") in winamp58_3660_beta (and probably in 3653) is bugged/damaged.
It can read main window position, but doesn't write it to winamp.ini file on exit.

Use skin from 5.666 or earlier, works as intended.

On my system (Realtek HD Audio, drv. from Windows Update) WASAPI will always set Winamp's per-application volume (see #1) to "0" when playing any MP3 with VBR (you can see this by watching Volume Mixer) and some CBR with header/delays (see example below) - you have to move volume slider a little for it to "jump" to set volume to audiable on each such file played.

I tried to experiment with settings in Windows - "Allow applications to take exclusive control" etc. nothing helps.
Some info from KODI's wiki I found "If using WASAPI do not use the Realtek HD Audio drivers as they do not work with the event driven mode Kodi uses for WASAPI."
So this might be a lost cause - more options with this plugin would be nice like: push/event. Or some kind of fail-safe mode.

I would advise adding info in the release notes.
Anyone who wants to experiment with WASAPI in Winamp should be aware about possible problems with volume.
And that's why #1 should be implemented - a lot of people won't bother to read info, will end with Winamp set at "0" volume that will be carried over even when they switch to DirectSound / reinstall and no idea how to fix it.

In this topic alone volume problems were reported two times.

Payload Size: 7149319 bytes
Header found at: 5653 bytes
Enc Delay: 576, Zero Padding: 1620
Length: 178 seconds
MPEG-1 layer 3
320 kbps, 6842 frames
44100 Hz Joint Stereo
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