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Originally Posted by PeterK. View Post
I am also planning on moving Quinto's own components to its own (new) entry within the OPTIONS ITEMS in the context menu.

This would leave the MAIN ITEMS with just standard elements ...
This is an excellent idea! I hope all new (and updated) 3rd party skins and plug-ins adopt this idea.

It is more convenient to have all the associated context menu commands/options in one place. It should also help solve the long standing problems caused when 3rd party components attempt to intersperse commands/options between the standard Winamp commands/options on the Winamp context menus. I had to stop using a popular lyrics plug-in (MiniLyrics) along with the other 3rd party plug-ins I depend on, because of this.

I'm not sure, but adding entries to the larger Winamp context menus may cause problems because there appears to be limited room to add additional entries.

While it's not an issue with your skin (that I have seen), I have also been frustrated when 3rd party components use the same keyboard shortcuts used by standard Winamp functions. I realize this requires extra diligence by 3rd party developers because the core Winamp and it's official plug-ins use so many keyboard shortcuts. An option to allow reassignment of shortcuts would solve this problem, but sometimes such an option is not provided.

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