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Tree of Life reminded me of something I wrote earlier this fall... although now that I read it, it's slightly hard to follow. I'm trying to figure out what all I meant by it right now, and for some reason I find myself confused. Perhaps someone who reads it from a different perspective might be able to help me out?

I admit, the stream of thought is a little disjointed... but if you can make anything of it, I'd be thankful!

In a world where wisdom
comes not from green trees,
but from the dead leaves
fading as winter comes,
we never want to know
of our own mortality...
or of something that could be
choosing not to grow.
And we dream of truth
as we chase discoveries...
through all these mysteries
drowning out our youth.
In a world where war
allows not for peace,
but for trapped humanity
reaching for the door,
we never want to live
without a victory...
without a 'you against me'
acting as our motive.
And we dream of lies
as we fall with autumn leaves
from the barren trees
dying with lost cries.
In a world where wishing
seems that it could be
not just make-believe
leaving us with nothing,
we never want to feel
the things that we see...
or the terrifying dreams
waking to be real.
And we fall from our trees...
we fall to our knees...
In a world where wisdom
disappears with the leaves.
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