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Originally Posted by Worez View Post
Preferences > Plug-ins > Input > Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder > Configure > General > Full File Buffering
seems to do the trick

Unfortunately when I started to download multiple new XX GB torrents, the problem has returned. It seems that when my uTorrent is downloading / uploading little, the problem doesn't manifest itself. But heavy duty work brings back the pauses

So it seems that if those settings have helped, they only did so to some extent

Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Are you using a multi-core CPU? If you are and the problem returns, you could try using the Windows Task Manager to assign different cores to Winamp and the torrent app when you are running both at the same time. You can use a free utility like "HWiNFO" ( to see which cores are being used and how much they are being used to guide any reassignments. Without specific assignments, the OS may assign different cores each the apps are ran.
Yes, I'm running on AMD APU A10-7850K 3.7 GHz with 4 cores

I've installed that HWiNFO, but I do see in it that information that you speak of

[Also in windows' Resource Monitor there is the CPU tab. It shows all of my CPUs all together and 4 of my cores independently; but doesn't specify what process is assigned to which core. And that's kind of disappointing, because Resource Monitor is able to show what exact file is accessed on which drive by what software / process]

But in Window Task Manager I see that I have to just "Set Affinity", from the right click menu, so that I can choose specific core for a process. Unfortunately: a simple closing of Winamp and restarting it, resets my choice to the default [which is all cores]; so also after a system reset it would go to a default. And as such, even if choosing a proper core would be the solution, it would be a drag to do this every single time

I'm spending on this issue so much time, while in future it will probably "disappear" by itself. Because the broader bandwidth I will get, the sooner things like torrents will be completed by my hardware. And I can always just turn off uTorrent or whatever is destroying my experience of listening to music. But unfortunately that is no always possible
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