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Main window outside screen (Winamp Classic)

so I've read various threads about the out-of-screen issue, but haven't found the solution. I think my problem is quite weird... see:

whenever I open winamp, the main window is somewhere outside the screen, only the playlist is visible. I managed to drag the main window to that place using right-click on taskbar -> move and cursor keys, but it doesn't work anymore. however, when I click on that small window, everything kinda works, I can change songs with Z and B etc., also it responds to the mouse (cursor changes to the winamp one), but only within the area of this small, cut out window. I've also had a minimized EQ window, but it's gone too.

I have no idea how this happened, I closed winamp completely normally before this happened. other skins work okay (Bento and Modern). I've looked for the gen_ml.ini / winamp.ini files in the Plugins directory, but there's only gen_ml.dll. opening it with notepad only brings me a whole bunch of weird characters.

I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Winamp version 5.621. if someone could help me fix this issue, I'd be very grateful. cheers!
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